About Bridged

About Us

Bridged provides hard to obtain data at scale for companies where access to data can create a competitive advantage and grow revenue. We use a combination of AI and a 13,000 strong highly skilled workforce to develop unique and vast data at scale significantly improving the quality of data models.

Our Mission

Our Mission

In a world where data is a powerful resource, we provide it at scale. Using a combination of trending technology and a 13,000 member workforce, Bridged intends to save you from the burden of creating data, while you focus on its involvement in your operation.

Bridged is run by serial entrepreneurs, and backed by Techstars and the Western Union Accelerator.

Meet the team

Our team has over 30 years’ experience across the corporate and startup worlds. We’ve held leadership positions in the world’s largest investment banks, have MBAs from top global schools, and have run our own startups previously that have generated millions of revenues in the process. Aside from the expertise, we are all about execution – we know how to get things done! Bridged is funded by Techstars.