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Competitor Intelligence Data

Competitor Intelligence

Analyze competitors' data, optimize business strategy and stay ahead of the competition

Content Generation

Content Generation

Create millions of conversational data sets or transcriptions from various media to build your own bot

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Content Categorization

Content Categorization

Everything in this world belongs to a category, and your raw data can be categorized by our workforce

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Image & Video Tagging

Image & Video Tagging

While humans can distinguish items, we've got the resources to help your systems do the same

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Who Are We

Bridged provides hard to obtain data at scale for companies where access to new data is critical or where data can create a competitive advantage in their data models.

We use a combination of AI and a 13,000 strong highly skilled workforce to develop unique and vast data at scale significantly improving the quality of data models.

Industries We Service






E-Commerce / Retail

Financial Services

Financial Services



Conversational AI/Chatbot

Conversational AI

How it works

Understand data requirements

We understand your data requirements

Broken into micro-tasks for crowd-force

Then break them into micro-tasks for our crowd-force

Run quality-checks on answers

Crowd answers then go through multiple quality-checks

Deliver final data with 95% accuracy

To ensure we deliver final data with 95% accuracy

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Why Choose Us

Scalable, flexible and customizable

Scalable, Flexible & Customizable

Unlimited ability to scale through software and 13k workforce

Fully-managed process

Fully-managed Process

Fully-managed process –hiring, training, quality control

Data at scale, on demand

Data at Scale, On Demand

We deliver hard to obtain data at scale in as little as 24 hours in some cases

Reduced cost and time

Reduced Cost & Time

Reduce the time and cost involved by 70% and 90% respectively


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