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We help companies with Data Sets and Ground Truthing to train their AI/ML models

BridgedAI - AI Training Data Powered By Human Intel

Our Services


Content Generation

Our Human Intelligence is ideal for creating raw content, summaries or transcribing data from any format (pdf, images) to text. We can provide massive amounts of data to train Chatbots or transcribe images to understandable and analyzable text so you can train your systems.


Content Categorization

Our crowd can work with text, audio or video files to categorize content either by sentiment or product, depending on your needs. These solutions can be implemented in multiple settings, including user feedback, review categorization or social media analysis.


Image and Video Annotation

BridgedAI's CrowdForce can manually tag complex data you need to train your models to understand content. Our services have wide ranging applications across medical diagnostics, ecommerce and retail and autonomous vehicles.

Industries we support

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Solutions to increase yield, efficiency and profitability

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Build high-accuracy training data to develop self-driving cars

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Tagging and categorization, review analysis, customer pain points and more

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Financial Services

Customer onboarding, verification, risk reduction, fraud dection and more

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Image annotation for healthcare including Radiology and Pathology

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Ground truth data for NLP, Text & Image Classification

Why Bridged?

Fully Managed

We manage your Project End-to-End right from receiving the data till final delivery

Flexible & Scalable

We run bespoke tasks to meet diverse client requirements and can scale to 10,000+ workers on a task


We guarantee complete confidentiality on Projects with data security and a vetted workforce

Client Testimonials

Bridged AI has been an indispensable partner for us, helping to build datasets has allowed us to develop ground-breaking new techniques where correctly formatted data sets simply didn’t exist. We hope to work with Bridged for a long time to come.

Conversational AI Co.

Bridged AI helps us power our machine learning algorithms by providing fast and accurate labeling of drone images. They show a great flexibility in working with custom software and on very specific labeling tasks. Communication is always very efficient.


Our experience with Bridged AI has been extremely positive. Building out our e-commerce offering quickly and affordably could not have been done without their scalable tagging and categorization service. Highly recommend for large-scale data projects.

Leading D2C brand